Monday, November 10, 2014

NaBloPoMo 10: Meetings on Microblog Monday

I have an honest question for anyone who cares to answer it: Do you know anyone who likes meetings?

I've sort of been waiting for myself to arrive at a place of adulthood where I take some degree of enjoyment from meetings, but it just hasn't happened yet. For someone who loves to talk and loves to listen, loves to trade ideas and sharpen brainstorms with other people, as soon as it turns into a meeting I have a firm ball of loathing that rolls around in me like a stone on a slanty floor.

Of course, there's no escape from them. And they're a necessary evil, I get that. But I just hate them. And I'm pretty sure I have approximately 47 scheduled for this week. Yee haw.

Just discovered Microblog Monday and was in the perfect headspace for it. Done and done. (These three sentences don't count...)

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