Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How I'd Like My Mornings (Slice 7)

It's funny how a brain works.

When I started contemplating moving out from my roommate of three years, I had this idea figured out: that once I lived on my own, I could start my mornings out right: make coffee, play some music, write in my journal/blog, maybe read my Bible a bit. I was convinced that once I had my own place, I would have this glowing, angelic start to my day.

Weird, you say? Wouldn't your roommate be upstairs asleep, you say? What was keeping you from doing this already, you say?

Diddly squat.

And, not surprisingly, I have not been starting my days this way, even though I moved into my own place last October. (Given, there were many other factors to the move, and my ole roomie and I are happily settled in new places, but I'm just eyeballing this particular justification.) Every once in a while I end up being ready a few minutes early, and try to arrange my little coffee & Jesus time, but it works out to about 7 minutes, which isn't quite what I was going for. ("Every little bit counts, blah dee blah dee blah.")

But this morning kind of worked, by a simple juggling of order. Ordinarily, I *say* I'm getting up early to have enough time for some morning downtime, and then some combination of the following happens: I hit the snooze button too many times (no more--hurrah for my SleepCycle app!), I lose 10 minutes to day-dreaming/day-planning while standing in the shower, I happen to need to have to check Facebook, it's one of those days that demands some lip-syncing into the hairbrush... You get the idea.

And suddenly it's, "Rebecca's going to be here in 4 minutes and I don't know where my pants are!"

Here's the puzzle: if I do oversleep, I can ACTUALLY get ready (showered, hair dryed, teeth brushed, dressed, lunch grabbed, out the door) in 20 minutes. So where does my daily hour go??

So this morning, we tried something different. I got up, and did not check Facebook when I went to turn SleepCycle off. I put on my super comfy zebra robe, and went out to the kitchen and set coffee to brewing. I pulled my Bible, my journal, and my Bible study book out and sat down to the table with coffee in hand. (I'd left the phone in the room, so I was music-less, but returning to it might have resulted in a lapse of Facebook ignorance.) And half an hour later, I put away my stuff, slurped down my coffee, and hopped in the shower.

I was two minutes late, hopping out of the house pulling a shoe on, but STILL. Overall success.

Tomorrow morning is another day--but here's hoping...


I was wondering, so I pulled up my statistics on SleepCycle: it helped that, despite the brevity, I got some rockin' deep sleep last night. :) (Going to bed with a love song in your head is a good sleep aid, perhaps?)

(Seriously, aside from Jesus, this might as well be an ad for SleepCycle. If you have an iPhone
and you sleep alone, it's about the best thing that's going to happen to you, ever. :) )


  1. Okay. You've given me some inspiration here. I am newly retired, and I had the same goals. Yup, I'll get up early, have my coffee, read my Bible and journal it some, even exercise to Rise Up, With Jennifer Brindley at 9 am. I don't even REALLY have to get up early to get this all in. I just need - as you found - to just DO IT!
    Good job! And nice post!

    1. Thanks, Donna! Every day is a new battle... Until it becomes habit! I bought myself a papaya and a mango for a special breakfast tomorrow to lure me out of bed. :) We'll see if that has any effect!

  2. Who knew an iphone could do that? Not me! Tomorrow is coming!

    1. I'm telling you, it's my favorite thing. The sleep chart is pretty cool, but the gradual wake-up feature is the best. It senses when you're most awake in the half hour prior to your alarm time, so it pulls you out of the lightest sleep possible. I love it!! :)

  3. Your slice had my chuckling! You write with soooooo much voice, Chandra. Hope tomorrow morning is a great one!