Friday, March 9, 2012

A Recap (Slice 9)

I've kept waiting to see if something would occur to me to slice about today, and nothing has. So, in brief recap:

- I had a nice dream last night--nothing specific, but just being with a man who loved me, and a little girl (not ours, just one we knew), who was having fun squeezing between us on a seat. No further plot than that--but a nice little way to spend a night. :)
- I had set my alarm for 7 (working from home today, so I could have slept in), but woke up at 6:10, well-rested (due to good dreams?) to discover that I had not, in fact, set that alarm. Thank you, Jesus.
- worked from home today, and walked to the grocery store at lunch, enjoying the ridiculously springlike weather we're having. Love it.
- Had my former roommate and her dog (Puggoh) over for dinner, and we watched The Dark Crystal. Wow, did we embrace some strange ideas in the '80s. Glad we're all better now.

That's about it! Serving tomorrow: helping some friends work on their newly-bought house, and then joining some friends to give our church's kitchen a much-needed deep clean. Lots of work, but I'm looking forward to it--since Jamaica, my hands seem to crave "real" work more...


  1. I always like to comment on the last post entered before I go to bed.
    YOU DID IT!! you sliced today! And you got it in on time. An interesting day. I hope you have fun tomorrow cleaning your church kitchen. I wonder what you will find out to write about tomorrow.

  2. I wish I had your real work craving right now! I have the work to go with it...